Start small. Move fast.
Scale smart.


We can help you get to the cloud strategically and quickly.


At Pico Logic, we believe that developing and implementing the right technology for your organization begins with a pragmatic approach. We start small to design tangible, customized IT solutions that deliver value quickly. From there, we are able to move fast, adapting and evolving those technology sets to smartly scale with the changing needs of the future, so you can grow more and do more.


Application Modernization

Our team has extensive experience translating existing business processes built on legacy platforms to a modern architecture utilizing the cloud. Whether the project is a straightforward conversion or envisioning a new solution, we provide value by understanding the end-to-end process, architecting an effective platform, and developing and deploying the implementation.

Office 365 and Azure Consultation and Coaching

The cloud is moving fast, with new features to Office 365 and Azure rolling out every day. It can often be difficult to see how these features fit into your organization, and how to best harness their power to fuel effective collaboration across internal and external users. We can help you navigate this new landscape and translate these capabilities into benefits that suit your organization and add value, as they are released. Not sure where to begin? Our Collaboration Assessment quickly identifies the areas where your people can gain the most tangible benefits, allowing you to prioritize your move to the cloud in a smart and scalable way.

Custom Application and Mobile Development

Some business processes simply do not fit an out of the box solution. If you need something more unique, our team has extensive experience building custom web and mobile applications using the latest proven technologies. Our focus on people and adoption helps ensure the design will meet the needs of the business and the needs of the users. 

SharePoint Customization and Development

SharePoint can be a powerful tool, but many organizations have had less-than-spectacular experiences with it, or haven’t yet utilized it to its best potential. Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience working with the platform. We can design a maintainable solution that keeps pace with all the latest updates.

How we do it

Our approach focuses on the people using the technology, first. In today’s digital workspace, people rely on multiple devices to do their jobs effectively. We provide assessments and strategic planning to implement systems that integrate all these components, while solving your unique business challenges.

Discovering the "why"

It is our job to understand what our customers need to grow their businesses, not their job to understand technology.

Discovering the “why” behind every technology goal comes with getting to know your company and its people. We combine this with our deep knowledge of the Microsoft stack, including Azure, Office 365 and SharePoint. This allows us to distill and translate all the variables into an agile solution set on the right platform.

Interactive Collaboration

Our true measure of success is user adoption. The solution must function and flex with the needs of every person in order to deliver ultimate value.

Through interactive collaboration, we listen to our customers’ objectives, goals and challenges across every level and observe the business at work. This is a foundational step in developing systems  that deliver the tools people need to work effectively within their own personal work style.

Scalability and Adaptability

No two businesses operate alike. We believe that placing adaptability over one-size-fits-all methodology is vital in identifying what sets your organization apart from others.

Understanding the needs and goals of an organization enables us to apply our depth of knowledge in a variety of platforms and applications. This, combined with our insight across multiple industries, gives us a broader view of future challenges and fuels the innovation necessary to designing scalable platforms and applications  that evolve and grow with you.

Our Values

You have to make choices. Choose an approach, choose a product, make a plan. In our world, and in our work, we are presented with hundreds of choices every day. It is never clear where any given path will ultimately lead. We don't believe in absolutes; our world is gray not black and white. And yet, we must move forward. We have to make decisions. We have to choose. 

We choose to let our values guide us in our work. We believe our values are a stronger compass than rigid process or methodology. These values lead us to make the following choices. 


We favor: 

Adaptability over Methodology

No two projects are alike, and while having a general plan is important we believe adaptability ultimately leads to success. Let us adapt to your environment, not the other way around.


Pragmatism over Idealism

Knowing the ideal end-state doesn't necessarily mean waiting to move forward. It's a big ocean and there's no need to boil it all in one go. We believe in keeping the end state in mind but moving forward with pragmatic, realistic steps that provide value quickly.


Interaction over Specification

A picture is worth a thousand words? Conversations are worth much more. We believe in fast iteration and hands-on experience to unearth critical requirements. 

Relationships over Contracts

Our business is about people - not technology. By forging long-lasting relationships with people we are better able to serve them, adjust to them, and anticipate their needs. Let us work with you, not against you. 



Why we do it


We love to help bring change and efficiency to people and their organizations. We hate to see good people beholden to complicated and difficult to use tools. We believe in thinking outside of the box and challenging assumptions as a way to cut through the noise and separate true requirements from the fluff. Quite frankly, we love helping people succeed in their organizations and to us success is more than the bottom line - it's about enjoyment. 

Technology is powerful. Never before have we had more tools at our fingertips to accomplish our goals. Unfortunately this has also yielded an incredibly broad and complex landscape and it's often difficult to see the forest from the trees. We have seen too many projects fail due to complexity, lack of communication, lack of adoption, and failing to meet true business needs. 



Our mission is to help guide our clients through this landscape toward a shared destination, picking up real business value along the way.  

When our clients are happy, when our users are happy, then we are happy.  

And we like being happy. 


Pico Logic is a technology and services consulting firm that has more than 20 years of experience in the design and deployment of large-scale custom applications, Azure, Office 365, SharePoint and other Microsoft technologies.

Founded in Seattle in 2007 by Glen Cooper, Pico Logic delivers technology solutions to companies of all sizes across a diverse range of industries including life sciences, professional services, environmental services, education, government, non-profit, technology, and construction/real estate.

Our unique blend of technical expertise and business acumen enable us to individualize solutions for our customers, and place integration and innovation above typically-prescribed methods. This type of pragmatism and expertise that uniquely positions Pico Logic to ensure successful, cross-organizational adoption of the tools and technologies they deploy to achieve business goals, while meeting industry requirements and the needs of the future. 

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Our Team

To us, relationships are everything. Helping people through technology is a core value for every one of our team members. By building close and long-lasting relationships with people at all levels across diverse industries, we are better able to see the big picture, discover new paths forward and anticipate future challenges. Nothing makes us happier than solving customer problems and empowering their people to do better work.

We’re also real people who understand real people. Our software engineers and consultants bridge the divide between technical and non-technical individuals, communicating cross-functionally to build a greater understanding of technology as it relates to the people using it within their digital workspace.

Meet our principal consultants: 

Glen Cooper

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Glen Cooper, Principal Consultant and CEO of Pico Logic LLC, has been in the technology sector for over 20 years. His expertise includes mastering the art and science of architecting and deploying cloud solutions, streamlining processes, leading projects and teams and working with cutting-edge technology primarily within the Microsoft stack, including Azure, SharePoint, Office 365 and related technologies.

Glen is also a musician; his current project is Diamondwolf. An avid runner, you’ll often find him participating in local weekend events or pushing the limits at Ragnar.

Karen Quilantang 

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Karen Quilantang, Principal Consultant and Engagement Director of Pico Logic LLC, has spent 20+ years using her entrepreneurial instinct to boost revenue and increase market share in a diverse set of organizations in New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Seattle. She’s passionate about learning the inner structure of a team: how the gears function in relation to one another to drive an organization forward, and how that can be used to an organization’s advantage. At Pico Logic, Karen leads customer engagements, ensuring that projects deliver value on schedule and on budget. 

Outside of work, Karen enjoys mastering the art of artisan sourdough bread, spending time with her family and Welsh Terrier, and volunteering for her daughters’ various school and sports activities. 

Contact Us

If you think we can help, or if you would like to know more, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us at (425) 454-6800 or by email at info@picologicllc.com